February 10 on 10

Thank you to all of you who came on over from Justine Boulin blog.

Last month my baby boy turned 2. Seriously where does the time go?! When I first had children I was told more than a few times “the days are long but the years are short”. I think I’m finally starting to understand that phrase. I feel like I go about my daily business and then all of a sudden look at one of my children and realize they are a different person then they were a month or two ago. Sometimes that’s what I think must compel me to be a photographer. I want to capture all those little details before they slip away and morph into something else and that is why I decided to mix up my 10 on 10 a bit this month. Over the last couple of weeks I decided to try to capture my son now right at the edge of two years old. I tried to capture those details that make him who he is and show the little boy he’s becoming.

Check out my 10 photos of my little buddy has he starts his 3rd journey around the sun and then head on over to see what Missy Day has been up to. 

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